As enthusiast for musical and performance,Broadway is all about the performance
-the performance which only knows how to entertain!
We bake our pizza with love,emotion,drama,energy and a lil bit of fire :)
This fire keeps igniting our passion of food and taste
All the element of our pizza sync to create performance every time

THE SLICE! keeps you entertain even if you're a lone eater
HALF! give you that fun kick which is shared with family and friends
20 INCH! its a whole Broadway performance experience

We started off as a entrepreneur in growing food industry in Pakistan
now we have 7+ branches and still growing

Like Broadway Musical is an Expression of feelings, thoughts and empotions, Broadway Pizza is an expression of true love for the flavors, aroma and the art of Pizza making.

we have worked on the perfect recipe plot and daring dance movies of various flavors and aromas before launching this perfect pizza showdown!